MISTIC’s Commitment to New Mexico Industry

MISTIC provides the highest quality Armed Security Guards (Level III) available anywhere. All MISTIC Security Guard Instruction and Certifications are approved and certified through the New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Board, Private Investigations Department. We are dedicated to strengthening industry by providing top end security 24/7 regardless of location or conditions. Our Guards are subjected to rigorous training that hones critical skills and thought processes thus improving confidence and effectiveness designed to prevent any violent confrontations or to discourage unauthorized criminal activity!

Providing Total End-to-End Services and Support to Client Security Needs

MISTIC is an incorporated, veteran owned small business based in New Mexico, and has been successfully conducting business since 2003. MISTIC offers a broad range of tailored solutions for special training, testing, and security applications, including unmanned aerial system (U.A.S) and Air Operations. MISTIC provides sophisticated and challenging training opportunities for U.S. Special Operations Forces, other U.S. Military units, the Intelligence Community, and various Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Our vast array of supporting equipment specifically to permit us to deploy security officers at a moments notice, capable of long term, sustained, stand-alone operations, anywhere at anytime in New Mexico, the United States or around the world.

Level III Armed Guards

  • Liability and Responsibilities
  • Use of Force
  • De-Escalation
  • 4th Amendment
  • Laws of Arrest
  • Search and SeizureTrespassing
  • Effective Communications
  • Radio Dispatch and Protocols
  • Ethics
  • Investigations
  • Observing and Reporting
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Testifying in Courts
  • New Mexico Statutes
  • Conflict Management
  • Emergency First Response
  • Pepper Spray
  • Baton
  • Stun Guns
  • Non-lethal Devices
  • Handcuffs
  • Restraint and Control Devices
  • Deadly Force
  • ATV Operations
  • 9mm Automatics
  • Shotguns

MISTIC Security Services

Our uniformed personnel represent the industry’s most committed, professional and highly trained personnel available, and no other comparable company demands as much from their employees. We set professional expectations high because our clients deserve nothing less than the best.

Customers that choose to have a professional armed security officer on-site do so for one reason: they understand the reality of criminal activity in the world in which we live, and they are firmly committed to protecting themselves, their employees and their property.

It really is that simple.

While our armed security officers conduct a wide range of duties at customer locations as standard unarmed security counterparts do, MISTIC armed security officers differ greatly from their unarmed security counterparts because they can confront and neutralize those criminals who are intent on committing illicit acts.

Whether it’s a single location, or multiple sites – We can meet YOUR needs quickly and efficiently!


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